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It is said that we learn from history, do we?
What Is a Right 
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Lesson For A Great Statesman 
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Contrary to popular belief, the Majority does not rule if it infringes on the  basic Constitutional Rights of "One" Individual.
The Cost of Indifference is "Freedom"

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Self motivated, selfish, special Interest opinions, which would infringe on the rights of an individual are not welcome.
WARNING: This is not a
Young Children's site. They may learn a truth that many parents  prefer they did not.

Definition of the word "Phrase" An expression whose meanings cannot be  inferred from
the meanings of the words that make it up. Doesn't that sound like a  Politician you know?
An extremely large group of Senators and Representatives do not seem to  understand what truth,  justice, and freedom mean, and/or refuse to do their job.

Either that, or they do not care what truth, justice, and freedom mean.  Maybe they do not have the guts and fold to peer pressure.  The more that Government capitulates to special interest the more freedom will slowly disappear. If you think that most of our military actions are not due to special interest you are fooling yourself.
Where is the sanity
In the last 200 years America has been the most dynamic country known in the history of mankind.  We have been the most powerful, wealthiest, most productive and most generous peoples known.  This has happened for two reasons alone.
In the last 80 years our political legislators have ignored the intent of the Constitution and have tampered with our free enterprise system with controls, ....

Restore The Constitution

Force your representative to obey the
"Law of the Land"
A Lesson For A Great Statesman
Lesson Learned
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