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This E-Mail Letter Was Sent To, Chief of Police Larry Lewis, Covina California
September 14, 1998 
Dear Chief Larry Lewis

I do understand the councils, groups, and governmental agencies make and pass local laws without taking everything into consideration.  Sometimes the thought is well intentioned sometimes it is not.  More often than not it is passed for the special interest of some group, council, or governmental agency.  However; many of these laws are slowly eroding the basic constitutional rights that this great nation was founded on.  Sometimes it is felt that it is only a small erosion, so what difference does it make.

Unfortunately many lawyers without integrity, much as our President lacks, will twist and take laws out of context as to make things easier on true criminals, for monetary rewards, fame, and power.  What a shame.

My Problem:

I received an overnight parking ticket in the fair City of Covina. I know that when I walk in to pay the ticket they will not accept my money.  They will tell me that I must pay by check or money order.

I would like to pay by cash.  They will refuse to accept it and gain an attitude problem.  They would prefer it go to warrant.

If one looks at the dollar bill it specifically states that it is:

Can you help me in this matter and help restore a little bit of America.

Your immediate response would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time and please accept

    My regards
We Must Work Together & Join Forces To Restore The Constitution
We are slowly losing our rights a little bit at a time.  If we as Americans do not fight back over the little things, soon there will be too many rights removed and we will no longer have this Great Nation for our children.

As of Oct. 6th1998, I received a response.

I would like to thank all of the Americans that responded and supported this basic issue.
Thank You

I would like to thank Chief Larry Lewis, of Covina Ca., for taking up this issue and supporting a basic  American Concept.

If you have something to communicate that is of concern for Americans, please send a copy to us. Thank you
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Every Little Bit Helps

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